My rates are available upon request, as every project is special.  Your project will get the attention needed to meet your demands, and compliance requirements.  To receive a quote for your project, please use my contact request form.

Pricing will either be done on a flat fee or hourly basis, to be negotiated during initial consultation.  Flat vs. hourly billing is at my discretion and is dependent on how well the project scope can be specifically determined.

Hourly projects may be limited to do-not-exceed (DNE) level added to the agreement.  Hours in excess of the DNE level will not be worked without written authorization.  Hours billed on time include phone consultation, meeting, revisions, and independent research time.

For projects requiring travel outside my home town of Phoenix Arizona, I bill a daily rate plus expenses.

Legal Statements


Both United States and International copyright law stipulate that the legal intellectual property rights for any creative work remains in the ownership of the creator unless he or she explicitly transfers those rights via a signed written conveyance in the agreement.  

     Unless the nature of the project requires otherwise, all contracts signed by myself clearly indicate that all rights to these materials transfer to the client upon project delivery, dependent on fulfillment of agreement terms.  If for any reason the contract terms are not fulfilled, the rights remain with Writer and may not be exercised by the client.

     To establish the rights, no work is performed without a written agreement signed in advance of project commencement.  There are no exceptions.

Confidentiality Statement

Every project agreement includes a confidentiality clause protecting the nature, content, and products.  All proprietary materials released to me are kept in the strictest confidence.

Privacy Statement

Your email address will be used for my own records only, and will not under ANY circumstances be distributed to any outside party for any reason.


Save money with work on demand technical writer.  Use my services on an as needed basis, saving your staff to maintain their production levels.

Save time for your overworked staff that has more important tasks to accomplish.  Fast turnaround on quality materials handled professionally within your schedule.

Save headaches with accurate information from a mortgage professional.  I produce your project on time, on budget and without hassle.

You already have enough on your mind and work schedule.  My goal as an extension of your team is to handle the technical writing project professionally and as agreed.