Technical Writer

Linda M. Williams knowledge of how the mortgage industry flows and the regulations that govern our actions, provide her the ability to write from an insider's point of view.  She can develop a new project or update existing policies to meet current processes and regulatory requirements.

Her writing services include:

  • Compliance Management Systems
  • Internal Audit Procedures and Process
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Diversity Programs
  • Vendor Management Systems
  • Industry Presentations
  • Staff Educational Materials
  • Updating existing information
  • New Hire Presentations
  • Disaster Recovery Programs

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linda's Services

NMLS Course Development

Linda M. Williams experience as a past NMLS approved course provider gives her the foundation needed to understand NMLS challenges.  Her courses are written in the NMLS required layout, with citations, and relevant case studies. Courses are written in a clear manner that allow for easy NMLS approvals, and customer satisfaction.

Her writing experience gives:

  • Courses in any format
    • Online
    • Classroom
    • Webinar
  • Material that is relevant to the learning objectives
  • Case studies that are interesting and fun for the students
  • Prelicensing and continuing educational topics of interest
  • Quiz questions that increase student understanding of the topics

​Expert Witness Report Services

Linda M. Williams expert witness services provide a depth of knowledge of your project that can relate the alleged violation to the legislative time frame which provides precise Mortgage Expert Witness Reports.  

Her in-depth knowledge provides:

  • Precise information as a proven valuable asset to past attorneys, and their clients. 
  • The information needed to negotiate your clients’ favorable settlement and increase customer satisfaction. 
  • On-time reports and rebuttals that are clear with citations as needed.

CV available upon request.

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